How To Spoof Android Phones With Androrat?

In this post i am going to show you how to hack Android phones withAndrorat. In our tutorials we only EVER hack our own systems as a proof of concept and never engage in any black hat activity.

Step1: Create an account on

Step2: Create a host on and enter Hostname and click Add Host

Step3: Now do port forwarding on your network. Port forwarding settings changes on each moderm, so google your moderm and find out how to do port forwarding

Step4: Download Androrat Binder and enter the Hostname and Port. Name the file and click Go. If you want to inject this file with another .apk file then go to Build + Bindtab name apk title and browse the location of the .apk and click Go.

Step5: Now download DUC (Dynamic DNS Update Client for Windows) and install

Step6: Open DUC and enter the host details which you have created in

Step7: Download and run Androrat Project. Open Server tab on top and enter theport which you use on

Step8: Now run the .apk which is created by Androrat Binder on a Android Mobile.


Download Link: DUC: Click Here

For Androrat + Binder and Androrat kindly google it as the files contains virus we can not provide you the files.

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