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What are the Benefits of Desktop as a Service?

Organizations constantly face the need to upgrade or replace many of their client systems due to changes in technology and to use new applications. These physical systems are replaced by virtual machines by deploying desktop as a service (DaaS) solutions which offers many new exciting end-user computing solutions for organizations. DaaS offers the potential for Read more about What are the Benefits of Desktop as a Service?[…]

What to do if you’ve forgotten your Mac password

Apple’s macOS is a secure operating system, and at the heart of its security is your Mac password. But what do you do if you’ve lost, or forgotten, your Mac password? If your Mac password doesn’t work, or you’ve plain lost it, then don’t worry. In this article we’re going to look at how to Read more about What to do if you’ve forgotten your Mac password[…]

7 Reasons why you should consider Remote Tech Support

Through its wide variety of technical products like Bluetooth headsets, smartphones, picture frames, media players, software, VOIP phones Telegenisys provides top level remote tech support. Popularly known as IT support, a business needs to rely on information technology for its sustenance and above all growth. Quality technical support is pivotal to the growth of the Read more about 7 Reasons why you should consider Remote Tech Support[…]

The Benefits of Remote Infrastructure Management

Remote infrastructure management (RIM) is quickly becoming a solution that companies rely on to lessen the stress of maintaining and improving their IT assets. Improvements in technology such as better bandwidth, high-quality connectivity, greater automation, new security technologies, and proactive enterprise management have all allowed for more efficient and cost-effective RIM.  This means that users and IT Read more about The Benefits of Remote Infrastructure Management[…]

What is Remote Infrastructure Management?

The practice of remote infrastructure management (RIM) is becoming more and more common for organizations of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. This increase in popularity is because of how RIM can add value to IT systems, as well as reducing costs, increasing efficiencies and improving service availability. In general it includes remote Read more about What is Remote Infrastructure Management?[…]

6 Simple Ways to Fine Tune Your Customer Support

Gone is the 8-5 business day with telephone and email support only. Today, 24/7 support, flexible support channels and rapid response are all expected to come standard. The world wants to place orders, watch TV and interact with friends at any time — and all at the same time. Your customers seeking support services demand the same level of choice, flexibility Read more about 6 Simple Ways to Fine Tune Your Customer Support[…]

Why You Need to Backup Your Data?

Data is the lifeblood of business decision-making. Today’s customer expects the brand to take that data and use it to engage with them in real-time, requiring businesses to garner relevant data about their customer in a unique and personal way. Because this data is so important, the need to preserve and protect it is equally Read more about Why You Need to Backup Your Data?[…]