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Unlock the potential of your cloud investments with Informatica Global Customer Support Services. Informatica recognizes that the success of your enterprise data integration strategy depends not only on the strength of the software, but also on superior, timely service and support.

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“My day is usually quite hectic. Before I used Netstack Support I had to juggle all my various tasks in my mind throughout the day.
Netstack  helped me get more organized, and now I simply get more done.”

Our clients

Standard Support

Basic support for non-critical implementations

Standard Support is the most basic of the Informatica cloud Support packages. Customers get web-based support with access to our online support portal where you can view our knowledge articles and collaborate with other customers. Cases that are not Severity 1 will receive 2-day responses. (There are no guaranteed response commitments for standard level of service.)

Premier Support (New)

Tailored for small to medium enterprises needing SLA bound unlimited assisted support for critical implementations

Premier Support provides 24×5 P1 Support with unlimited access to our support staff for all assisted support needs, significantly mitigating risks against outages. In addition to the full suite of unassisted Standard Support options available through the online portal, Premier Support provides Chat, onboarding by the Customer Success Team, Product Critical Alerts, and Upgrade Readiness Reports through Informatica DiscoverIQ (IDIQ)

Enterprise Support

Proactive services that surpass conventional support to meet complex business requirements of medium to large enterprises and, ultimately, accelerate adoption, mitigate project risks, and reduce TCO

Tailored for medium to large enterprises, this program provides 24×7 access to our support staff globally for P1 issues, significantly mitigating against costly downtime. In addition to the full suite of Standard level support, Enterprise Support provides comprehensive value bundling of the most sought after customer success and service offerings. Predictive critical cases created proactively on behalf of the customer helps to predict any environment specific anomalies and risks of downtime.

Mission-Critical Support

Recommended for large enterprises with complex data integration projects fueling business value in both cloud and hybrid IT

Mission Critical support is aimed at customers with multiple projects in a pure cloud and hybrid environment where latency and performance are key factors to the success of a project. This level provides all of the services of Enterprise support and additionally provides faster response times with shorter target resolution times, a designated support team, predictive critical cases, and adoption benchmarking. 

Value-Added Support Services

Predictive Escalation

An advanced algorithm, predictive escalation monitors case activity in context and pre-emptively alerts the Support leadership of situations requiring direct attention.   


Upgrade Checkpoint Service

To take the guesswork out of upgrades, Informatica Cloud Upgrade Service helps you guarantee a seamless upgrade experience by combining predictive analytics and timely notifications with our outcome-focused support team.


Informatica Discovery IQ

Informatica DiscoveryIQ gives you a comprehensive view of your product usage and consumption. Its built-in intelligence brings contextual recommendations and best practices based on your product usage, anomalies, and overall interaction history with Informatica.


Access to Virtual Customer Success Architects

Scheduled advanced office hours cover a range of the most popular Cloud projects, from working with connectors to designing a real-time application integration workflow to get the expert help you need to Go-live with any Cloud project. Mission Critical and Enterprise support has bundled success packs. Check with your sales or subscription rep for the details. Any Additional support is also available through the purchase of an Enterprise Support or Expert Success Pack.

Cloud Customer Success Packs

The Informatica Cloud Success packs are designed to help our customers accelerate Go-Live and reach maximum adoption of their Informatica Cloud Subscription with a “Do it with me” approach. Customers choose from expert designed Success Packs for their Integration or Cloud MDM Projects. The Starter Success Packs are included with Enterprise Support and Expert Success packs are included with Mission Critical Support based on ACV spend.


Critical Milestone Support

During critical activity or a project milestone, this service will add confidence and help mitigate risks during periods of change.

Adoption Benchmarking

Benchmarking helps you understand how to maximize your Informatica cloud investments, track usage, and see how your adoption compares to organizations of similar size. You can optimize tasks across peak and non-peak load times, manage security with user audits, and much more.

Customer Success Services

To get the most value from your Informatica cloud investments, customer success managers will help align Informatica products with your technology and business drivers and initiatives.


Predictive Critical Cases

Analyzing complex log patterns and adoption information through DiscoveryIQ, Informatica predicts any environment specific anomalies and risks of downtime. P1 cases will be proactively created on behalf of the customer and contacted by a support expert.